Today was not a great body image day.  I had a crazy muffin top overflowing over my new Hudson skinny crop jeans.  WTF.  I thought I was making great progress (although I haven’t seen the inside of my gym in weeks… I have been outside waiting in the BoolBBQ truck line though)… but today, not so cool.  My skin feels all loose as a caboose and I noticed my stomach has no tone to it whatsoever.  So I just gluttonized to ease my sorrow away.  Oh well.

Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity toward becoming a stronger and better me.  I noticed my body is weak these days.  I get hurt a lot more easily and my tendonitis relapsed in my right wrist and now I even have cubital tunnel syndrome in my right elbow.  WTH.  And to top things off, while I was laying with Olivia on the floor this morning… my husband jumped up off the floor to get ready for work and smashed my little left foot with his sasquatch feet and all 180 pound body… correction… he said 177lbs.  Ruahahahah.  He cracks me up.

Well no time to dwell.  On a happier note, my daughter is now doing new things all the time.  She’s amazing.  She smiles all the time.  I love how she always greets me with a cute little smile when she wakes up.  She babbles all the time, touches her toes, grabs things, tries to eat mommy & grandma’s nose… so many things.  But I love how she nestles into my chest when she falls asleep the most.  It gives me a sense of closeness with her again.  It’s crazy how my love grows for her daily in ways words can not define and numbers can not measure.

I thank God daily for all these amazing gifts in my life.  I pray that we are all always healthy, happy, and safe.