So, I love Jessica Simpson.  Why?  Because she reminds me of me.  The real me.  Not the guarded me… but the me that my husband sees and fell in love with and made me finally accept.  I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, I say things without thinking, and to my sisters utter amazement and bafflement am not good at filling out paperwork for the life of anything.  I’ve had my clothes laundered and ironed by both my mom and dad my whole life… my mom and dad still do it for me.  I’m spoiled.  Rotten.  My sister takes care of me like I’m her child… she always threatens to cut the cord… but she can’t.  ahahah.  I remember when my husband and I first started dating… his mission was too:  “RID YOU OF THE SPOILED BRAT IN YOU THAT YOUR FAMILY AND ESPECIALLY YOUR SISTER have created!!!”  I guess, he’s had SOME success.

I had a love hate relationship with Jessica Simpson over the past couple of years.  I was quite disappointed in her when her head got to big after the success of the Newlyweds show.  More disappointed at what the media portrayed was the reason for her failed marriage.  And then, loved her misery when she got slapped in the face by the many men she thought would be better than Nick.  But in the end, I just felt sorry for her.  She’s so amazingly charming and beautiful when she isn’t all dolled up but she just seems insecure in her own skin whilst she tries to convince herself and the public otherwise.  I think I was like that for a long time.  Just not comfortable in my own skin.

The reason I like her more too is because she struggles with her body image as many of us have.  I think she is so cute and pretty when she isn’t totally made up.  I like that her weight fluctuates during different phases of her life.  I use her to motivate me to get my booty to the gym.  I try to use someone whose body most resembles mine or appears to go through similar ups and downs.  She and I both have bodies and metabolisms that require working out and not being able to eat whatever the hell we choose.  And I’m sure for those who know me… know the other asset that I have in common with her as well.  Tee hee.  She fortunately seems proud of hers while I am not so proud.  Although after giving birth, I do have a greater appreciation for them, what they have been through, and what they have provided.

Bottomline for this entry is… don’t hate on her so much.  I feel sorry for her.  And I think she’s absolutely adorable chunkalicious.