Personable.  Comfortable.  Gynecologist.  Huh?  Typically, those words don’t go hand-in-hand.  But my OB/GYN is just that.  I recently switched gynecologists, because my old one was too far and although I stayed with him because I’m a creature of habit… I never felt comfortable with him, because he was a bit abrasive.  I felt like I was a chart.  Part of an assembly line.  I am more than pleased with my decision to change my OB/GYN.  Dr. Jay Goldberg is easy to talk too, competent, and gentle.  I don’t feel embarassed to discuss anything with him.  He keeps things real and honest.  But even more than all that, he takes his time with your care.  I never felt rushed or hurried.  He just plops down on his rolly chair, sits back, doodles on his laptop, and seems to unwind… which inevitably makes you feel more relaxed as well.

So, if you need a new gynecologist … contact Jay Goldberg.  He’s worth the drive to Beverly Hills, if you live far.  He’s part of the “Women’s Care of Beverly Hills Medical Group.”  He came highly recommended by Olivia’s Pediatrician… (Dr. Scott Cohen…who is another blog in the making), because his wife uses him as well.  I liked Dr. Goldberg so much I made my sister switch as well.

Women’s Care of Beverly Hills Medical Group

8920 Wilshire Blvd #511

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

(310) 657-1600