We just got back from Vegas on Sunday… it was my first time away from my angelface in 20weeks.  Leaving her at my mom’s house while she slept wasn’t too bad at all.  But then, when I got to the airport and started looking at her pictures in my phone while my husb took a potty break… the water works started trickling down my made up face.   I tried to hide it when he got back because I didn’t want him thinking I was going to ruin our first weekend away together… but I just couldn’t hide it.  All I could think was… “sheez, I wish it was Sunday already.”

When we arrived in Vegas, we went to a random restaurant that my husb found through his many sources.  It was a fun, little Italian place off the strip called “CAPOs.”  We had a great time together chit chatting over a couple glasses of wine and yummy food.  And then… BAM! Here comes the waterworks again.  Oh my poor poor husb… kind of looked like a deer caught in headlights… like…” wtfreak is wrong with my wife.”  But then, he admitted to me that it was harder for him to be away knowing I wasn’t with our little girl.  Strangely made me feel comforted.

But as the night progressed, I let go a bit and told myself to not ruin the weekend by dwelling on the absence of our little girl (oh great… my daughter just fell off her tumbling mat and hit her head on the floor.  ahahahaha.  lesson learned for her not to do that again.)  We had a great rest of the weekend with some of our other couple friends.

Saturday, we just hung out at the pool with Lisa, Dave, their little boy, Dave’s parents, and the Do’s.  Later, we had dinner at Joel Robuchon with them and then went clubbing.  It was a fun night… but reality is starting to hit home!  I’m getting old.  It takes me far too long to recover from a night out then it did in the past.  Joel Robuchon, in Vegas, just may have been even better than our experience at his Paris location… although I’d go to Paris again in a heartbeat.

(I’m sitting here, as I type, watching my little girl squeal and squirm… there’s no greater joy.  She pulls at every heart string and every emotion in my being.  I’d much rather sit here with her and watch her become the person she was born to be.  It’s been difficult for me to let her make mistakes on her own… even at this early age and allow her to figure things out on her own… but I’m doing it one day and one step at a time.)

So all in all, we had a great weekend.  I’m very blessed to have a great husband, a healthy daughter, and amazing friends and family.  Oh wait… I didn’t even talk about why I started writing in the first place.  Well, when I got home… my husband found our credit card bills.  Oh joy, right?  So now, I will be getting audited.  The boredom spending spree has come to a screeching and abrupt halt.  BUSTED!!!!!!

Will fill you in on the outcome if I’m still alive!!! ahahahaha.