We had a great fun-filled weekend.  We had our little girl baptized on Saturday.  She was awesome… she didn’t even cry once, especially in the scorching heat because the churches AC was out of commission.  Then, we went to dinner and still not a peep out of her.  She’s seriously just an amazing little bundle of smiles.  Our family and friends joined us for dinner at a local korean restaurant in the valley.  We had a great time.

Then it was time for the adults to play… and you know, the freaks come out at night.  I had been gearing up for this night all month long… ahahahah.  I guess that’s what ends up happening after you have a baby.  We went to “Guys and Dolls” in LA for my birthday celebration.  I was, basically, tossed after the first drink.  My tolerance from back in the days were no more.  After the 3rd drink… I was in a state of oblivion.  But then again, so was everyone else except my sister who is deathly allergic to alcohol.  Even still, she had a great time too.  To sum up… you know you had a major rager if people end up puking at the end of the night… and the best part of it is, if you’re not doing the puking.

My husband, as usual, went all out by making sure I was having a great night.  He even got the champagne/sparkler extravaganza for me.  Tee hee hee.  That’s what I’m calling it at least.  It was a cool gesture but the check after was a shocker from what my sisters told me…!  And ofcourse the morning after reality check of “why-the-f-did-he-do-that” set in and  all I could think about was “dang, that was another Chanel bag down the drain…literally.”  Oh well… it was fun, fun, fun!!!  My husband is awesome.  Really.  I know it sounds like I’m bragging… but really, he is.  I am madly in love with him through the good and the bad.

The next day, I think almost everyone that partied the night before were suffering the consequences.  We definitely weren’t feeling our finest.  And we ALL had to go to our dear friend, Andy’s wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding but it hot as heck sitting in the blazing sun at the Skirball Center.  So the heat compounded with exhaustion definitely didn’t help the situation or anyone feel better for that matter.

Anyhow, I’ve been sick since then.  I think it was a mixture of alcohol/food poisoning with heat stroke.  Nice!  Punishment for being excessive.  Pay back is always a bitch.

Well, I hope everyone has a good hump day tomorrow.  Take care.