I was born this morning at 5:02 a.m. 34 years ago.  When I turned 2o something, my sister’s boyfriend at the time told me… “customarily, you give thanks to your mother for struggling to give you life on your birthday!”  So I started to give thanks to my mom on my birthday since then as did my sister.  I’m sure we owe my dad a bit of gratitude as well… tee hee!  But I still thought the day was about me and my life.

Until today, it did not dawn on me how true that saying goes.  Without my mom, I’d cease to exist and my little girl would not be mine.  If I hadn’t been blessed to give birth to my daughter, I would never have understood what the magnitude and true meaning of my birthday really meant.  I have a much greater appreciation for my mom, my grandmother, and all the moms.  Whether you gave birth naturally or had a c-section or used a surrogate… the things a mom does to have a child and raise a child is truly amazing.  Women are really steel magnolias.

So as I’m holding my daughter in my arm’s as I write this… I thank God and my mom for all that they bring into my life.  I am so grateful for everyday I get to spend with them.  I am eternally in awe with my mom.