Megan Fox is an idiot.  She is no way near as provocative a person as Angelina Jolie even when she was a nutcase… and I’m not even an Angelina fan.  Fox is a blundering twirp who needs someone to kick her to the moon on a one-way ride.  She speaks against the hands that fed her… what an imbelice.  Michael Bay should tell the entertainment industry to make a “Lindsay” out of her.  I know, I’m cruel.  All she has is her looks according to the drooling male population of followers.  She appears to have no sense of modesty as she constantly talks about her size 23 waist!

And no, this does not come a place of secret jealousy or because I’m a natural born hater.  I don’t hate.  I just feel like her little immature ass needs to have a reality check… because she’s not all that.  Personally, being an “appreciater” … yeah, I’m like Digital Underground singing the “Humpty Dance” … I make my own words up!… I don’t appreciate her type of beauty.  She doesn’t exude class or sophistication.  She looks trashy to me even when she’s all dolled up.  Her slicked back hairstyle at some awards was the winning look though… because she looked like she hadn’t taken a shower and just decided to put a bunch of gel in her hair to take the stink away.

I just “almost… almost” dislike her as much as I dislike Jessica Biel.  Oh how it must be so difficult to be beautiful.  Wow, are you kidding me?  Their beauty (to you who think they are) just got knocked down a couple of notches because of their inability to filter what comes out of their mouths.