It’s a sad day today.  We were told our family’s new little puppy, Tobi, is not going to make it.  He got parvovirus last week and has been in the hospital since.  I feel bad for my inlaws because they were taking care of him because my sis inlaw’s work schedule was too hectic.  And I know my poor mother inlaw is feeling awful and placing much of the blame for his suffering on her shoulders.

As a mother now, I feel horrible because that was an offspring born to live… and for whatever reason its life is being cut short.  My husband is so matter-of-fact about the situation whereas I start thinking about the grander meaning behind the impending doom.  He just says, “it’s a dog, I barely knew it.  I have no attachments to him.”  Whereas, I’m getting sentimental and philosophical thinking, “did the dog know how it affected those around it? The confusion and guilt the situation has caused?, etc.”  It is blatantly clear now that women are really from Venus and men are definitely from Mars.

People say motherhood will change your life and it most certainly has in every way imaginable.  My perspectives have changed as well.  I actually have a sentimental side now that allows me to both sympathize and empathize for others, because quite frankly, I may have reacted the same way as my husband did not too long ago.  Geez, where’d my huevos go?  I used to be made out of ice.  No tears before… now I’m a stinking waterfall that puts Niagara Falls to shame.

Let’s all pray for the best for this little life struggling to stay a part of this world.  Good night.

And this is for you, sharon… toodles my noodles.