Last I recall I’m not a high paid supermodel or a millionaire’s concubine… so sucky for me, I don’t have the liberty to order food for the next year from Freshology or Zone Diet nor do I want to spend trillions of dollars on weight loss gimmicks and cheap tricks.  (Well, my husband probably wouldn’t care because he wants to help get me back in shape)  So here I am once again, going about weight loss the old-fashioned, brutal way… working out.

I, very very recently, started working out again.  Taking babysteps to shed these very stuck on last 10 lbs.  LBS… last time my friend, Jeff, said LBS… I was all, “huh, large bulging sacs?”… he looked at me dismayed and cracked up.  He said, “no dork… lbs=pounds.”  ahahahha.  Not so fresh with acronyms.  That’s what those are called, right?  ahahha.  But that just shows how I dislike anything related to weight.

Anyhow, I did an hour of cardio today.  I’m trying to do some sort of activity daily… I’m so fortunate that my mom is here to watch the baby, so I can workout.  She’s the best.  It’s not always easy with a baby… but mommies motivate and get moving.   It’s a start.  Even if you just dance with your kids for a couple minutes… do it.  I bought a couple dvd’s a while back to do while the baby sleeps… I barely took the plastic off yesterday.  Hehehe.  Again, babysteps.  Fortunately, I enjoy working out because it’s my time to do something just for me.

Eating right… more like eating wrong.  I still eat like an unhealthy junior high schooler. Chips, Sour Patch Kids, and carbs! carbs! and more carbs!  I did fairly well right after the baby was born, but now, it’s harder to find the time to prepare anything really healthy.  By the time I remember to eat after taking care of the baby and my household chores… I’m famished and I just want to eat whatever I can swallow in two bites or less.  So again, baby steps.

It’s a lie that breastfeeding sheds all your weight in the blink of an eye.  I am 18 weeks postpartum and still not looking quite right.  I mean, by no means, did anyone ever mistake my body for Giselle’s, but this muffin top action is just not attractive at all.  My skin looks like it stretches like someone who has Ehler’s-Danlo’s syndrome.  Oh!, the pangs of motherhood.  But I wouldn’t change places with anyone for the world.  But I’d switch bodies in a heartbeat… hehehe.  Yes, yes, yes… to those who are the “love your body” types… I know, I know.  But when you’ve been asked if you’re expecting… loving thoughts aren’t the first feelings that pop into mind.  But surprisingly, I do have a greater appreciation for my body and what it was able to produce.  I don’t feel the angst of teenage body dysmorphia.

I have the opportunity to make a better decision for my next meal… so wish me luck.  But why does yummy tasty things have to be bad for you?

If anyone has realistic weight loss advice… I’m all ears!  And if anyone wants to make some sort of workout gang… LET’S DO IT!