Tuesday night-date night.  We watched “The Hangover” with our friends Joong and Romes, because my mom (my lifesaver and my blessing) watched our little angelface.  I had such high expectations for that movie but I didn’t find it as funny… probably because I was expecting to pee in my pants.  I only laughed really hard during one part… I was dry-heaving.  And for those who know me really well… know that no sound somes out when I laugh when I  think something is really really really funny, well there’s that occasional gasp for air.  So don’t go in with high expectations if you were, because then you set yourself up for major disappointment.  But I loved the way that the heavy guy said reh-tard instead of ree-tard.  Classic.  But why they had to show an Asian guy showing his small little pecker was beyond me.  Really… was it really necessary?  So not right.  Sorry to ruin some parts for those who have yet to watch.  Now I have a new man-crush… Bradley Cooper.  He’s tall, lean, and lanky looking just the way I like… also his sarcasm and wit are alluring too.

My little girl got her 4month shots yesterday.  I learned not to take her to get shots during ko ne ne time (nap time) ever again.  Lesson learned the hard way.  (So fellow momsters… please advise of such things please!!!)  She probably would have done relatively well had she not been in such a foul mood from being woken up and not fed.  The hubby went with me and he’s such the rock.  I love him.  I cried as usual and ofcourse he had the camera zooming in my face while asking for commentary about why I was crying.  Nice!  He rocks though, for real.  I love him… that man cracks me up.

We had a great time.  Just getting out together and with friends gives us a sense of normalcy again… although in my mind I’m always wondering, “what is my Olive doing?”  “is she safe?”  I don’t know how I’m going to be away from her in a couple of weeks.  I have yet to be away from her more than a couple of hours since her birth.

We are going to start sleep training her to get the night-time comfort feed out when she feels a little better.  She has a fever today, but she’s still such a jovial little baby.  I feel blessed for not having to worry about colic which was a major fear of mine while pregnant.  Anyhow, wish us luck with the training… I am soooooo not looking forward to hearing her cry and not being able to console her.